Friday, 16 March 2018

Guard Marines Command

FN/145 Dragoon Officer (marching) - on the left
WN.10 Polish Officer (charging) - on the right
I’ve painted some command figures for the Guard Marines this week, nothing too taxing as there are only three of them. I don’t have any proper Marine Officers so I’ve had to improvise and use one Duchy of Warsaw figure and one French Dragoon figure as they seem to have the right sort of hat.

The drummer is a bit of a mystery and I can’t remember where he came from. The base has “HH” stamped on it but it’s not a figure from the original range so could possibly be a Clayton variant. It appears to be based on FN/6 Drummer (charging) with an added plume which was just what I need for the Marines. The sky blue uniform will add even more colour to this unit.

Next I need to finish the eagle bearer and then it’ll be on with the final six of the rank and file.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

The cabinet is back

The only casualty of our house move last year was my acrylic mirrored display cabinet which suffered a broken shelf. I can’t even blame the removals company because I broke it myself taking it off the wall in our old house.

It’s taken a whole year but I finally got around to replacing the broken shelf with a new piece of acrylic sheet which was a tricky and rather nerve-racking experience. Today I fixed it to the wall in my study and was finally able to get the Hinton Hunts out of their storage boxes and back on the shelves where I can see them.

The cabinet is very tricky to photograph because of the mirrored back so apologies for the quality of the photos but I thought some of you would be interested to see the collection en-masse. There are 600 figures on the shelves and I have another 200 or so that wouldn’t fit in.

The cabinet is 60cm wide by 50cm tall and has 6 shelves.
Repairs involved fixing a replacement bottom shelf and wooden
support strip. The tricky thing was trying not to get too much
glue on the clear acrylic.
Top Shelf - a mixture of British, Brunswick, French and
Prussian cavalry. You can see the mirroring effect on the
second shelf showing the backs of the troops.
Shelf 2 - the Poles are sharing a shelf with the Austrians.
Shelf 3 - mostly Prussians.
Shelf 4 - the Duke's finest on parade.
Shelf 5 - Vive l'emperor!
Bottom Shelf - French, Prussian and British heavy cavalry.

The question now will be which troops do I displace when I finish the Guard Marines?

Friday, 9 March 2018

Engineers of the Guard

FN/176 Officer, reading map
FN/178 Guard, digging with spade
I received a couple of vintage Hinton Hunt Engineers of the Guard figures quite a few years back (the Officer came from Don and the chap with the spade came from Mark). I got as far as restoring the damaged shovel head of one with Green Stuff and undercoating both but never got around to painting them as I couldn’t think of a use for non-combatants.

In the last few days though while looking up information on the Marins of the Guard I came across this in Mark Adkin’s Waterloo Companion “At Ligny, with the Engineers of the Guard, they (the Marins) formed a small assault column that stormed the eastern part of the village.” That seems like a very good reason to include them in the ranks of my Marins.

I’m not sure whether the Officer with the map will be much use in an assault however the guy with the shovel looks like he could be dangerous to somebody's ankles in a melee. I thought they would add a little bit more colour to an already colourful unit.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Sailors of the Guard

I painted three Marins of the Guard back in 2015 but they were passed over in favour of various units for the Vintage Leipzig project and have languished in a storage box ever since. As my current objective is to paint French Guard units it seemed like a good time to dig them out and paint a few more.

I ended up making a few adjustments to the way I’d painted the original three after re-reading the Hinton Hunt painting instructions and looking at a few uniform illustrations on the internet. I’m fairly happy with the overall look now and have completed a further nine figures taking me to the halfway point for this unit.

It turns out that the Marins were not actually officially part of the Imperial Guard however at Waterloo they were deployed in their support, although only in Company strength. In my army they will be at full battalion strength and may even possess an eagle which seems fair to me even if not strictly speaking historical.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Young Guard – Completed

It’s taken slightly over two months but the Young Guard are finally finished. This unit has been a labour of love involving some serious flash removal and running repairs plus conversions and flag painting by Matt B as well as concentrated painting on my part.

Most of the figures here were vintage ones that the original owner bought direct from Marcus Hinton in 1965 (the remainder are Clayton’s). They had never been painted so the job of getting them table ready fell to me some half a century after they were cast - I hope I’ve done them justice.

For the record the figures are:
16 x FN/75 Voltigeur Guard (charging, one converted to drummer)
5 x FN/77 Voltigeur Guard (running at the trail)
2 x FN/70 Young Guard Officer (charging)
1 x FN/74 Young Guard Officer (marching)

One other unit finished this week was a Boer War British one painted for me by Matt G – click here to take a look on my Boer War in Miniature blog.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Young Guard Update #2

I’m falling a bit behind schedule on getting this unit fully finished. Last night I cut the plasticard bases and went through the frustrating process of trying to get the figures glued on in such a way as to allow the ranks to close up. This is always awkward with charging figures as they have to be angled so that the ranks can fit together in any combination.

During this process it became apparent that there are subtle differences between some of the castings. I’m not sure how many different production moulds there would have been in use by Hinton Hunt at any one time but I know I received figure variations within the same deliveries back in the 70s. Mostly these were variations in height and thickness but sometimes the body is slightly twisted.

Anyway, they are now firmly stuck in place with superglue and the final phase of production will be to paint the bases green. This is also quite a frustrating process as the quality of Humbrol paints is now so poor it will require three coats to cover properly. Once that’s done they will fall in again in front of the Emperor to ‘officially’ receive their colours.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Young Guard Update

Well, I did say I hoped I’d have them finished by the middle of February at the latest and I’m not all that far off – just three figures left to paint. However due to the fact that we have a couple of visitors over the next week (my hobby space is in the guest room) I may just miss that deadline.

This is the final officer figure for the unit gleaming under a coat of wet varnish - he is FN/70 Young Guard Officer (charging). There is a note in the Hinton Hunt catalogue that says “The Young Guard Officers FN/70 and FN/74 had the same patterns of uniform for Tirallieurs and Voltiguers, only the colouring differed”. This is quite handy although of course I have painted mine as Voltiguers.

Once the unit is completed and based I’ll try to get some decent pictures of them.